Reflexology is a powerful complementary therapy which involves applying
finger and thumb pressure to reflexes usually on the feet, but can be carried
out on the hands, ears or face. These reflex points correspond with certain
areas within the body and the stimulation of these points promotes health in
the corresponding body part. The feet, hands, face and ears contain a map of
the body.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy which serves the person as a whole, taking
into account physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Reflexology helps to
release energy imbalance, improve circulation and encourage the elimination
of toxins restoring health and vitality.

Reflexology has been show to:

• Reduce Stress.

• Induce feelings of deep relaxation.

• Increase energy levels.

• Release endorphins which in turn eases pain and increases feelings

of well-being.

• Improves circulation.

• Boosts the immune system.

• Provides relief from Migraine, Asthma, Irritable Bowel syndrome.

• Relieve constipation.

• Lower high blood pressure.

• Improve fertility and improve gynaecological conditions such as PMS.

• Provide relief from neurological conditions.

Reflexology is suitable for most people, but there are certain conditions which
should be avoided. All treatments begin with a consultation and in some
instances your doctor’s permission may be required before treatments can

A reflexology treatment lasts for approximately one hour and you remain fully
clothed, only removing your shoes and socks. You will be invited to relax on
a treatment couch or reclining chair. Your feet will be cleansed at the start of
the treatment and then the treatment will commence with a gentle massage of
the feet (or hands, or face if more appropriate) using a non perfumed cream
or lotion, followed by specific pressure techniques to the reflexes to suit your
individual needs.

At the end of your treatment Julie will give you an individually blended cream
containing essential oils to suit your condition which you can apply in between
reflexology treatments to boost the process. There is no extra charge for this.

If you do not wish to have essential oils added, you still take the cream with

Reflexology is deeply relaxing and re-energising therapy and has a highly
beneficial impacxt on a variety of physical and psychological concerns.

Julie specializes in breaking through psychogenic infertility and in the year
2009 to 2010 has helped 5 out of 7 clients who had been experiencing
difficulty in conceiving to produce healthy babies.

Julie is a fully qualified reflexologist and teacher of reflexology having written
and had accredited vocational courses in the subject.